• Week 1: I’m going to change my diet for the better. No more mindless snacking. One year later: Pass me the jar of peanut butter, I’m going in. 35C8C1A3-A509-4C4A-AEE9-35022CA03791.jpg

  • This fog was the thickest I have ever experienced in Florida. Om Malik’s recent post on fog inspired me to take a few photos during this rare opportunity.

  • Polished Prop

  • Day two in the Las Sportiva Solution: Not as painful at first but certainly tight. The stickiness still astounds me.

  • Thoughts on the La Sportiva Solution

    Putting them on

    • My heel is locked in these shoes.
    • My toes, however, are on top of one another…
    • I feel like a toddler learning how to walk in these.
    • I’m ready to take on anything.

    On the wall

    • Interesting how the shoe flexes and moves as you put weight onto it.
    • This rubber is sticky.
    • I’m going to have to relearn how to balance on the wall.
    • Every toe has been forced into submission in service of this shoe.
    • The amount of power I can press into a chip on the underside of this overhang is simply incredible.
    • This pain reminds me of being on pointe. Not a memory I was hoping to relive. (Ed. note, April is the only one that has been on pointe)
    • The platform stability that these shoes offer just gave me the cleanest send on this route.
    • Every landing has a chance to win a rolled ankle.
    • What was I thinking when I decided to walk in these? (Ed. note, April’s made this fateful walk)

    Off the wall

    • You don’t remove these shoes, you peel them.
    • My toes are screaming “Freedom!” (Ed. note, April noted how much better her toes felt)
    • Frank Herbert got the Pain Box wrong. It is not a box at all. It is a new pair of aggressive stance climbing shoes.
    • Every time you put your foot back in, it does get easier.
    • My toes feel like they just got Thanos snapped.

    The next hour

    • The Phalanges Formerly Known as My Toes are just now coming back to life.
    • When can I get back into those shoes?

    La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoes and or Torture Devices

    🧗‍♀️ 🧗‍♂️

  • “Yeah, there’s french fries in there…I should not have said that to you.” -Me to Lorelai, my fry addicted toddler.

  • Knot Hummingbird

  • The saddest sight 🧗🏼‍♂️

  • I always have to laugh when you see background characters show up in multiple shows. My head cannon is that they’re always connected to where I first saw them. “What up, Pillboi!” “I didn’t know Gupta was a minister now?” “It’s HankMed…in Space!”

  • 📺 Mandalorian ep. 4

    Interesting take on the “A Stranger Walks Into Town…” trope for the village. The backstory fleshes out the protagonist nicely and gives some context for his practices. Now we know that nowhere is safe.

  • First rollerblade outting this fall. First 10 minutes were fine. The next 20 were painful. Got a lot of work to get back to where I was in May.

  • Evening Palms

  • A wonderful walk today at the preserve has me thinking about longer lenses. My m4/3 40-150mm gives me some really great reach for birds on the shore. Anything further than 10 feet needs something longer. An EVF would help with some shake/stability issues I saw today.

  • The Jungle Prince of Delhi

    Long form piece of the weekend. Must read.

  • 📺 Younger Seasons 1-5

    Gilmore Girls meets Sex and The City. Snappy, funny, pulpy, and sensual. Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff are strong coleads. Incredibly binge-able or easily slow-rolled. Pop culture moments are encapsulated within each season and it’s wild to see them again

  • A: “The card says ‘I know your favorite villain is ____.’ Do you know what a villain is? It’s a bad guy in a story.”

    C: “Like a bad guy in my life.”

  • Zebra from above

    Zebra from above

  • Bald Eagles at the Zoo

    Two Bald Eagles perched Bald Eagle

  • Gator in the water

  • White Ibis at the Zoo

    White Ibis Side White Ibis Head On

  • On one hand, there is no way I know who the German Chancellor between Brandt and Kohl.

    On the other, I have spent far longer looking at this page than I have in the past.

    Thanks NYT Crossword!

  • “We’re making good progress on this crossword. Let’s check it.”

    Red lines everywhere. Such is the Thursday Puzzle.

  • Litany Against Ads Ads are the mind-killer. Ads are the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my ads. I will permit them to pass over me and through me. Where the ads have gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

    Shortened from Dune.

  • 📺 The Mandalorian e1

    A strong pilot filled with top notch production. “What if we made Star Wars as a TV series” is a tough bar to reach. That vibe was hit right on target in the first few minutes. Waiting for the next episode is going to be a treat.

  • 📚 Abaddon’s Gate

    Here we go! We get a glimpse into what is really happening with the protomolecule. No zombies show up! This book has a slower start due to more characters being pulled together. The personal politics make this more enjoyable than the previous books.

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