• Osprey squatters

  • Broke the bike out today to get out for a little workout and to hunt for a few photos. 5 miles and change isn’t bad for not touching the bike in…a year?

  • The kids have now realized I’m going to be home much more than normal and, thus, cannot leave me alone.

  • Today’s work location: the dining room table. Kids are up late this morning but the birds are ready to go!

  • One of my favorite birds: the American Kestrel. Can’t believe I got this shot.

  • Hard times in the quarantine. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

  • Baby Great Horned Owl in our local park. According to the park ranger, the siblings have fledged, but this one is a bit scared to leave the tree since it had fallen. Mom and dad still return to feed it.

  • I didn’t realize that Diablo 3 Season 20 had started last week. We started a Barbarian and Wizard last night for the new sets. Read up about Season 20 at Polygon.

  • Tried my hand at some macro the other day. Just a zoom lens and high shutter speeds. Really thinking that a real macro lens might be in order.

  • Good news is that we know that L can now climb anywhere.

    Bad news is that she dropped a bottle of Noodler’s Ink from standing on the table.

  • Waves

  • With this quarratine, I have a feeling we are going to see a boom in the podcast birth rate.

  • Today at the gym: Didn’t feel like I was at my peak, but pretty good. Made some progress on a V5 I’d been working on and finally got that V4 dyno.

  • I normally just get coffee. Today, I felt like something a little more special.

  • Got up on time this morning only to realize that…I’m an hour late. Apparently I can’t read analog clocks in the morning. At least the minutes hand was in the right place!

  • Route Animation: Pink V4 Pockets

    Had a bit of time to sit down and work on a new route animation. This pink V4 route was the first new set after the Locals Only Comp and uses pocket holds and the volume along the route. The wall angles are such that the dark grey portion comes out at a slight ~5º angle and slants back in at ~5º as you get into the orange portion.

    There’s a few other tricky bits to this route. First, the start lies you sideways while the first move is a reach upwards and into the next pocket. This can be an odd move as you naturally want to push with your foot as soon as you reach. At my height, I had to wait a moment to get my hand into the pocket before pushing on my foot to stabilize the swing. Otherwise, my body would come out from the wall too far and I’d slip right out of the pocket.

    Next, the topmost right hold is terrible the first time you grab it. The top is flat and very lightly textured unlike the rest of the hold. The first time I grabbed it, I exclaimed “What the hell is this?” The flat surface and light texture does not allow your fingers to pull most of your weight on it. You just pull yourself right off. There’s an indentation that you can place your thumb. That can’t be used to pull as much as pinch and push off of.

    Last, the foot chips to the left of the volume and the top-most on the right get masked while you’re on the wall. It can be confusing to try and find them as you cannot see where your left foot is placed behind the volume. As soon as you get up high enough to move your right foot, the chip is placed on the grey portion which becomes partially blocked by the high point of the wall. Once you lean into the wall for stability, the foot chip disappears. Stare at it and memorize where it is before you move because you aren’t going to see it again until you get back on the ground.

    Animation of a pink V4 pocket hold route.

  • Second Place, Wildlife at Pelican Island Conservation Society Photography Contest

  • Here is the first stage on final burn returning all the way to ground.

  • I was waiting for the first picture to stop processing while the first stage separated and second stage kicked in. I threw the camera down, set it up, and triggered the release as soon as I could. A ejection corona lit up the sky like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture it.

    The trail to the left is the first stage returning. The trail to the right is the second stage continuing the journey.

  • SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, 3/6/2020. Right as I disconnected the shutter release, the golf course sprinkler turned on right in front of me. I grabbed the camera and tripod and ran for it.

  • Also was very happy to have a friend recommend I’m With Her covering Vampire Weekend’s “Hannah Hunt” 🎶

  • Got caught up is finding some covers where an artist completely owns the song in their own style. CHVRCHES covers The Arctic Monkey’s “Do I Wanna Know?” completely blows me away. 🎶

  • 🧗‍♀️New route night🧗🏼‍♂️ at the gym means plenty of fun routes with no ratings yet. However, I did remember to take a picture of these two, the white is the first V5 (plus, even) I’ve sent and pink V4. Hoping to get around to animating these.

  • Riverside walk

  • Eau Gallie has some nice murals. Really should get down here for a walk.

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