• First full up bouldering cube integration with all screws in place and…I ripped out 4 T-nuts. Whoops! Torque can do funny things. Easy enough to repair. Had a few holes to ream out a bit for better a fit.

    A Kids Route has been started to be laid out. Can’t wait to try it.

  • As predicted, I’ve returned back to a book I started on business travel 2 days ago. It’s going to be hard to put this one down.

  • My special climbing project is finished! This is a 5 ft cube that we are going to use as a boulder for setting routes at home. 20 linear feet of traverse routing at home! Next stage is to build volumes that will give us various pitches and interesting positions.

  • Today’s Nancy hits right the nose about lifestyle gurus. Highly recommend Nancy for commentary on high tech life. I prefer this third party RSS feed to keep up with it.

  • I wish I knew what all this baby speak meant but then I remember that we’ll be finding out soon enough

  • There’s no better feeling than sending a new route every trip to the gym. Even better when sending two routes that you couldn’t even start a month ago. The best when you knock off 4 in a week.

  • “It’s a truism of photography that you cannot capture an object itself. All you can capture is the light reflected or emitted by an object.”

    Harold Davis 📚 Creative Black & White

  • I’m trying to figure out at what point Friday’s and Saturday’s NYT Crossword Puzzles will be A Good Challenge rather than Really Difficult.

  • Fall Evenings

  • Baby at 5:30 AM: I’m hungry

    Me at 5:30 AM: Hi Hungry, I’m going to work after this

  • Entered my first photo into the local camera club’s monthly competition. We’ll see how this turns out! 📷

  • Being able to fix an image in a post after realizing it was cropped to square aspect is a novel and would not have been able to do it elsewhere. It also uncovered a new iOS 13 feature with an included bug.

  • 🏈 The announcers during the Tampa Bay game discussed how Arians had reduced the responsibilities for Winston to be the team leader to focus on playing. Tonight’s performance reflects this. Young players or quarterbacks shouldn’t need to be the leaders of a team.

  • Time to reset the board.

  • Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled egg method has really elevated how I make eggs at home. I used to heat up the frying pan and dumping the scrambled eggs into a hot pan. Starting with a cold pan and heating the eggs up is key to getting that creamy consistency. YouTube 🍳

  • "We sit on our Buts"

    A few months ago, my wife was in a bind. We all know the stereotype 3 year old: ready to break down as soon as things don’t go their way. My wife was hitting those limits on a regular basis around the house. She was becoming more and more exasperated with his behavior. It wasn’t that he was bad. It was that everything became a battle. She felt that something had to be done.

    After a bit of research, she picked up the book How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen. This became the guidebook and toolkit she needed to help curb and shape some of the behaviors that our son was expressing. I’ll have a better overview of the book once I fully commit to sitting down with the book. One part of the book that my wife immediately changed was how we, as a family, have discontinued use of the conjunction “but”.

    The book explains the use of “but” negates the emotions of the other party. As an example > “I want a cookie” > “Sure, you can have a cookie, but eat your dinner first.”

    What really happened is that the child heard that they can have a cookie. The dinner part of the statement is completely missed. You may have acknowledged what they wanted a cookie yet your true intention is for them to eat dinner. Two opposing statements have been put together into one confusing statement. The book has other tools for the parent to utilize in acknowledging the child’s request without negating their desire. First and foremost is being clear with what you, the parent, want.

    The word “but” has now been evicted in our household. Anytime the word “but” is used in our house, we cut the other person off and say “We sit on our Buts”. It is frustrating to be cut off mid-sentence when having a conversation. However, I am now fully aware of how much I use the word “but” in casual conversation. No guest is immune in our household from the But Police.

    This has me wondering how much I have used the word “but” as a conditional without realizing that I may have been unintentially negating a thought or emotion someone else had been holding. I makes me consider if there are any other verbal tics that I may have been using. As I have been writing this post, I’ve had to stop myself numerous times to prevent myself from using “but” to connect parts of an explanation together. It forced me to stop, think, and reconsider how to rephrase what I wanted to say.

    As soon as the “buts” had been squashed, we had a new word problem. Our son started to overuse the word “actually” when responding to us or making a decision. Every decision was “I don’t want that. Actually,…” or some amount of rapidly switching between choices. So, the Language Ban Hammer came out again and now “We sit on our Actuallys”. Just like the “Buts”, the “Actuallys” have disappeared.

    But I now know how much I say the word “actually”.

  • Fall sky

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