• 📺 The Mandalorian e1

    A strong pilot filled with top notch production. “What if we made Star Wars as a TV series” is a tough bar to reach. That vibe was hit right on target in the first few minutes. Waiting for the next episode is going to be a treat.

  • 📚 Abaddon’s Gate

    Here we go! We get a glimpse into what is really happening with the protomolecule. No zombies show up! This book has a slower start due to more characters being pulled together. The personal politics make this more enjoyable than the previous books.

  • After seeing the news of Willie Taggart being released from FSU, remember the money came from boosters who wanted him out. That all comes from the same place: The Bag Man of College Football. 🏈

  • Evening sky with moon

  • Unprofessional Impossible Whopper 🍔 review

    At first, the Impossible patty is tougher than what you expect from a Burger King burger. You soon realize that this isn’t about the patty. It’s about the journey to the last enjoyable bite.

  • This article about Hot Ones is a delight and goes in a few directions about the interview process and the hot sauce development. One item that jumped out at me: The Hot Ones branded sauces make $7 million a year in revenue. The Verge: In the Hot Seat

  • Waiting for candy

  • I’m scared to see how many pictures I snapped before dark. 🎃

  • Biweekly reminder that I should be reading McSweeney’s more often. Number 2 and 3 had me giggling hard. List: Six Key Matchups to Watch During This Week’s Family Dinner At Olive Garden - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

  • Tiki Bar

  • Sandhill Cranes in the afternoon

  • This Red Shouldered Hawk was sitting on a low branch across the parking lot. I had to take the opportunity to run out of the office and grab a few pictures.

  • 📚 Caliban’s War

    I enjoyed the second book in The Expanse series much more than the first. Most of what I disliked about Leviathan Wakes came from the introduction of the protomolecule as a zombie creator. The multiple character narratives work even better in this book.

  • Party like it’s your first.

  • First full up bouldering cube integration with all screws in place and…I ripped out 4 T-nuts. Whoops! Torque can do funny things. Easy enough to repair. Had a few holes to ream out a bit for better a fit.

    A Kids Route has been started to be laid out. Can’t wait to try it.

  • As predicted, I’ve returned back to a book I started on business travel 2 days ago. It’s going to be hard to put this one down.

  • My special climbing project is finished! This is a 5 ft cube that we are going to use as a boulder for setting routes at home. 20 linear feet of traverse routing at home! Next stage is to build volumes that will give us various pitches and interesting positions.

  • Today’s Nancy hits right the nose about lifestyle gurus. Highly recommend Nancy for commentary on high tech life. I prefer this third party RSS feed to keep up with it.

  • I wish I knew what all this baby speak meant but then I remember that we’ll be finding out soon enough

  • There’s no better feeling than sending a new route every trip to the gym. Even better when sending two routes that you couldn’t even start a month ago. The best when you knock off 4 in a week.

  • “It’s a truism of photography that you cannot capture an object itself. All you can capture is the light reflected or emitted by an object.”

    Harold Davis 📚 Creative Black & White

  • I’m trying to figure out at what point Friday’s and Saturday’s NYT Crossword Puzzles will be A Good Challenge rather than Really Difficult.

  • Fall Evenings

  • Baby at 5:30 AM: I’m hungry

    Me at 5:30 AM: Hi Hungry, I’m going to work after this

  • Entered my first photo into the local camera club’s monthly competition. We’ll see how this turns out! 📷

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