• Our climbing gym has been closed for the last week to host USA Climbing’s District Youth competition. April and I volunteered to monitor the isolation room and help organize the climbing order. After our shift, we watched what we could of the remaining climbers. 🧗

  • April: I don’t know what a group of foxes is called.

    Colton, age 4: Are you going to have to Google up the internet?

  • Pineda Causeway at dawn

  • Loggerhead Shrike

  • Bougainvillea flowers

  • Good morning!

  • Red-Bellied Woodpecker

  • Path to the Darkside, left. A tart stout with cranberry, chocolate nibs, and walnut. 9.0% Over the River, right. A brut IPA that is light all around. Light bitterness that’s light on the palette. 7.0%

    Intracoastal Brewery

  • The climbing gym is hosting USA Climbing’s Youth Divisional Championship next weekend and closes this evening for the set. Sad that we will have to break our routine again. Luckily, I was able to send one last problem last night and I’ve started working on an animation of it.

  • Stretching out

  • Dawn sky

  • This month’s camera club theme was shadows. Too bad my print showed up too late for tonight’s meeting.

    iPhone X RAW and proceeded with Affinity on the iPad. Using the tone mapping tool, I was able to pull out extra details and then pushed/pulled the lights and darks.

    A rock wall with a light illuminating from above

  • Second route set on the Climbing Cube

    I took some time this cool Sunday afternoon to set the second route on the Climbing Cube I built for the garage. This route uses two sides with the top used for three holds.

    I designed this route with the idea that the right hand stays on top of the cube as you balance with the left hand and legs. The start has the right hand high and the left low, forcing the climber to either keep the left foot free or sneak it on the left hand start. There’s one underhand pull up towards the end that should engage the left arm and core pretty well.

    The corner turn is interesting to navigate. The top corner hold is a large round hold that get used as a piviot as you move around the corner. With enough wingspan, you can easily reach the two holds on either side of the route while straddling the corner if you can manage to get into a position to do such. Back climbing is done with the left hand high and has the same difficulty as going forwards.

    One big change with this route is that it is meant to be traversed from a standing position, unlike the first route, which keeps you in a mostly spread squat position. The first route was set for a kid whereas the second route is set for an adult. I don’t see the kids being able to start this.

    There’s plenty of route optimizations that I’ve found that are enabled just by how far I can reach. This route was built for my wife, April, to give her a traverse to play on. There’s about a foot difference in our height and as about as much in armspan. This makes quite a bit of difference between the two of us when using arms and legs to reach across a traverse.

    I’d rate this as a stout V1 or an easy V2 route. Most of the rating is from how large the top holds are to hang on to. With smaller, thinner top holds that only fingers could grab or a small pinch, that would increase the difficulty to about a V3. Smaller foot holds would also increase the difficulty.

  • Our latest Homebrew has mellowed down in the past few months. Nice and easy Hefeweizen.

  • Disappointed that the climbing gym didn’t have a new route set up. Next section is the oldest set that has the lowest route density. New set should be up this week.

  • What did I do with my holiday vacation?

    1. Spent way too much\time researching cameras and lenses.
    2. House projects
    3. NYT Crosswords every night
    4. Too much Diablo 3
  • Every time someone mentions computers and time, this post, Falsohoods Programmers Believe About Time, always comes up. I’ve run up against 29, 30, and 31 many times at work.

  • This route is a V3 on the underside of on of the overhang wall sections. It was part of the previous set and was removed as part of the next section set! One of my favorites because of the flow from the three point start to the foot positioning.

    Yellow V3 route with a 3 point start, left leg hanging low

  • Over the past year, I had made a few animations of climbing routes as I found they were some of my favorites. I started to make them as a way to remember and reflect how I progressed through a route as I didn’t have someone to record a video.

  • Good luck to all the parents out there assembling children’s gifts under duress.

  • “Cars are trains for the road” - Colton, Age 4

  • Today’s Christmas Eve weather is Florida Snow, which is just a light mist of rain and overcast skies.

  • After feeling that April has been sweating through the night Colton: “Momma, did you pee the bed?”

  • High complements on my beef taco meat from Colton, the 4 year old. Tasting notes: the seasoning was good. Never would have expected that.

  • Night time snack and coffee

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